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Plastic will remain indispensable in the future. But which plastics are we investing in? A true circular economy is already possible today, which recycles pollutant-free plastic indefinitely.

Plastic waste is reintroduced into the cycle without any loss of quality. This results in halogen-free, green credit cards, sustainable bank cards and security-critical smart cards. 

Only a clean and closed cycle that follows the principles of green chemistry makes it possible to dispense with petroleum-based virgin plastic. A significant contribution to solving the plastic challenge for future generations.

Our mission

Sustainable and economically
sensible smartcards

Daniel is a pioneer in green credit cards and sustainable security-critical smartcards. He relies on recycled films made from PET and PET-G, films made from renewable raw materials such as PLA and Parley Ocean Plastic. For smartcards made entirely without virgin plastic from crude oil. 

"My mission is the worldwide use of sustainable and economically viable smartcards. I am convinced that we can only meet the ecological challenges of our time with innovative and profitable solutions. Recycled plastic can make a significant contribution."

Daniel Lützelschwab


True circular economy

The circular economy is a functioning business case and a win-win solution for the economy, the environment and society. It focuses on sustainable management and creates clarity as to which plastics are sustainable.

Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH

The German Folienwerk Wolfen has been a pioneer in high-quality plastic films since 1992 and enables green credit cards, sustainable security-critical smart cards and ID documents that are in line with a true circular economy.

Parley Ocean Plastic®

The environmental protection organization Parley for the Oceans collects ocean plastic and returns it to the economic cycle as a valuable raw material thanks to upcycling. Renowned international companies use recycled ocean plastic for their high-quality products with great success, including banks and credit card manufacturers.


We regularly publish articles in international trade journals that provide an in-depth insight into sustainable plastics and their recycling and highlight the potential of the circular economy.

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