Parley Ocean Plastic® instead of new plastic

A problem becomes progress: before PET bottles end up as waste in the sea, they are given a new lease of life to become sustainable bank cards, credit cards or smart cards — symbols of change that signal the power of collaboration and eco-innovation.

Upcycling marine plastic debris represents a necessary step towards solutions and a rethink of current materials and systems away from today's predominantly linear open material flows towards closed-loop cycles.

The environmental organization Parley for the Oceans is committed to protecting the oceans with an approach led by creativity, collaboration and eco-innovation. Together with its global impact network, Parley collects plastic waste such as PET bottles on beaches and in coastal regions before they reach the sea. Once recycled, this waste is returned to the economic cycle as a valuable raw material.

For clean oceans

At least 11 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. The plastic that floats on the surface or is washed ashore is just the tip of the iceberg of a much bigger problem: new plastic is produced every day.

With Parley Ocean Plastic®, Parley for the Oceans raises global awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans and offers solutions at the same time. Recycled Ocean Plastic® replaces virgin plastic and is a symbol of change. Its use supports initiatives that further eco-innovation, ocean education and social projects globally.

The recyclable Parley Ocean Plastic® is a promising innovation in the industry that is already widely supported.

Renowned international companies such as adidas, Dior, American Express and others are partners of Parley and use Ocean Plastic® materials for their high-quality products with great success. Parley works across the worlds of science, art, fashion, design, technology, finance, entertainment, sports, space and marine research to address today’s biggest ocean threats through a range of initiatives that set new industry standards. Through Parley alliances, bank cards and credit cards made from Ocean Plastic® are now becoming commonplace.

Parley for the Oceans also works to protect the oceans in Chile.

Which plastic are we investing in?

As we move towards sustainable bank cards, smart cards and ID documents, clean and environmentally innovative alternatives such as PET made from Parley Ocean Plastic® are leading the way. They represent an important step towards a materials revolution and a truly circular economy. Sustainable practices such as using materials that support better recycling, ocean education and social impact also respond to the public's growing demand for transparency, meaning and environmental sustainability.