Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH
for high-quality
plastic films

The renowned German company Folienwerk Wolfen has been manufacturing high-quality plastic films for security-critical smart cards and ID documents since 1992, in line with a true circular economy. 

Those who always think a little further ahead will find new solutions. The Folienwerk Wolfen develops customized films made in Germany for customers and brings them to production maturity together with partners. Special requests are an incentive for the team and are gladly fulfilled. 

Early on, the film plant dedicated itself to plastics made from renewable raw materials as alternatives to petroleum-based plastics and committed itself to sustainability. Today, all products are also manufactured using 100% green energy from renewable sources.

Constantly developing further

A dedicated research and development department promotes innovation and continuously drives technology, products and processes forward. All films produced are high-quality materials and are ideal for security-critical smart cards and ID documents. The plastics used are free of harmful substances, can be recycled as often as required and are therefore fully recyclable.

Daniel Lützelschwab is the exclusive sales partner of Folienwerk Wolfen and offers its customers worldwide smart card films and films for ID documents.